My name is Taavi Tulev

I create immersive soundscape designs for interior and architectural spaces and music.
When creating soundscape designs my main focus is tailoring the sonic experiences for different projects individually. The soundscape works are mainly immersive – meaning there are lots of sound sources and the experience will be a 360-degree soundscape.
My work involves planning the content, technology, and location of the devices used in accordance with the purpose of the project. It also includes recording, editing, and fine-tuning the project to work best with the intended use of space.
Mainly the soundscapes have been made for museums and art exhibitions, but would very well fit for any public spaces. Soundscape gives space a character, can work for masking sounds, and also helps the visually impaired.

If you're interested in my services, then feel free and contact me – there's a contact form at the bottom of this page!
One of the largest soundscape installations in the world. Located in Tartu, Estonia. 126 speaker channels, and over 1000 square meters of exhibition space. The exhibition is about Finno Ugric people and takes the visitor through 4-seasons and different areas. The central system running the soundscape is based around QSC Q-SYS. The concept of the exhibition was created by JANKEN Wisespace and Velvet. The soundscape was created in collaboration with RGB Baltic

Soundscape for an exhibition "Your Nature with Love" in Syöte Visitor Center in Syöte, northern Finland. Collaboration with Motor. The soundscape is delivered by ~20 different speakers and the soundscape is made of sounds, which illustrates 4 seasons of the area. A special sound recording trip was made to Lapland to gather sounds for it. The sound installation was fine-tuned to perfection on the site. 
A temporary sound installation in a public space where people wait for the bus. The sound heard is birdsong which is slowed down to match the heart rate of a human, making it sound almost ape-like. There were 6 speakers under the concrete structure and sounds could be heard coming from under it.

Musical piece combined with sound effects for an anonymous artist Edvard Von Lõngus. The exhibition took place in an old warehouse and had a loud 4-channel sound system. Due to the acoustical properties of the exhibition space, it reverberated nicely and created the desired effect. The exhibition was about the Doomsday Cathedral. The musical / soundscape piece was inspired by organ music heard in cathedrals, combined with sirens, warplanes, explosions, and sounds from shopping halls, which illustrate the greed and consumerism of modern people.

Thank you!